BBH is a nonprofit developer whose mission is to ease the housing crisis in the Greater Boston area.


We create homes for people otherwise left behind by the current market. We provide rental, home ownership, and mixed income housing opportunities for young families, professionals in need of workforce housing, and older adults wanting to stay in their communities. We provide housing for all, regardless of religion or background and are proud to say that more than a dozen ethnicities and immigrant communities are represented in the communities that we have created.


We advocate for innovative ideas to solve our region’s housing challenges and we inspire a younger generation with our Gen2Gen programs and outreach events. We lead by example, focusing on quality and integrity in the construction of our buildings and in our relationships with the communities in which we work. We strive to make our partners and donors, residents and colleagues proud of their affiliation with us every day.


We harness expertise and resources from local, state, regional, and national agencies, financial institutions, the real estate industry, and affordable housing leaders.  Our strength is in our relationships and our ability to build partnerships.  We know that successful developments are built when parties are unified around a shared vision and craft housing solutions that meet community need.

BBH is an award-winning housing developer nationally recognized by:

Affordable housing is about strengthening neighborhoods and giving everyone the opportunity to share in our area’s economic prosperity. It is also about addressing important issues like economic diversity and is needed to ensure thriving communities.  When we all work together, we can identify innovative solutions, advocate for those without a voice, and create the homes that people need and deserve.

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